Аbout the shelter

Friends! We always welcome guests! Come and walk, play, chat and choose a friend for life!

Helping Hundreds of Stray Animals

The shelter is contained in private donations. And they take care, communicate, walk the ward of the orphanage - volunteers, kind and caring. Together we create the place where animals will feel protected and loved. Most dogs and cats are old and disabled. But, thanks to the work of volunteers and the help of people who love animals, there are good conditions for the residence of "special" dogs and cats.

The shelter is still the same, in search of sponsors and kind hearts. On constantly it is required:

  • Toys, trays, bowls, couches, bedding, diapers, blankets and more
  • Dog food, muzzles, harnesses, collars, leashes
  • Tools, building materials, garbage bags, fuel

What We Do

Every year hundreds of animals such as dogs, cats become homeless for many reasons. Our mission is to find the homeless animals around the country and give them a better life. As like humans, they need love, care and also need home. We founded our organization to give them a chance for a loving home and family. Our successes are going forward and every year we give a better life to hundreds of homeless animals.

Details for assistance:



  • IBAN: TR11 0001 5001 5800 7307 0447 61


The shelter ALWAYS needs:

  • Canned (not dry!) dog food
  • Dry food
  • Meat
  • Cereals (rice, buckwheat, pasta, oats)
  • Dairy products (cheese, yogurt)
  • Harnesses for dogs (leashes, collars, harnesses, muzzles)
  • Animal cage (at the Shelter often overpopulation and to put animals anywhere, and stand on the street we can not, therefore, cells needed for the interim (until there is overexposure or not a spot opens) the animals)
  • Carrying
  • Toys for dogs and cats
  • Bowls
  • Garbage bags of all sizes
  • Rubber, vinyl, latex gloves (for cleaning and for work with sick animals)
  • Cleaner Swarfega and other cleaning products
  • Syringes 1 ml (insulin) and 2 ml
  • Disposable medical gowns and Shoe covers
  • Blankets, sheets b/a

Always need help hands:

  • dog walking
  • collection and transportation of gifts to the Orphanage in the city
  • construction
  • duty on the shares

If you have a desire to support our shelter financially, it can be done in several ways. You can make a single donation or become a regular curator for any animal. Becoming a curator, you will be able to pay for his maintenance of the shelter until such time when it will find its home. Additionally, there is a possibility of perto translate funds to the intended use.