How to become a volunteer of the shelter. Types of assistance the dogs and cats at the shelter - a walk with the dogs before finding them a home.

To become a volunteer

In our home lives for many cats and dogs and they all need human attention. Therefore, we always need new volunteers.

We always welcome new people, all tell and teach, and you will have your wards that will be waiting for you. Besides the fact that such help is invaluable in its importance for animals, as a nice bonus you will get an incomparable emotional feedback from the Pets and it is so nice and great to walk the dog on weekends. Well, the main mission of the volunteer is to prepare his team to pristroystvo in the family and find them a loving home. If you do not have free time on a regular basis but want to help - it is also very important. And even if you can't visit the shelter, but the fate of the Pets you care - you too can help by posting information about us or about the individual seeking the animal house for all available channels.

If you have a desire to help the animal shelter, we are waiting for you.

Just contact us if you want to help, and, if possible, come to see with their own eyes.